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Devon Open Studios

9th – 24th September 2023 For the first time I'm taking part in Devon Open Studios, from my home garden workshop in Seaton, Devon. Devon Open Studios is the annual flagship event of Devon Artist Network. Every September members of the network, potters, painters,...

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I bloody love wood!

I bloody love wood. Always have. From carving walking sticks with my Grandad, through climbing every tree in the vicinity of our rural childhood home, all leading to my career making outdoor and indoor furniture. It’s not just the working with wood that I love, but...

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Behind The Product

What we consider when sourcing the timber... Will we find it in the first place!? Dad keeps his ear to the ground. He grew up in the area and so knows a lot of the farmers and landowners. Often after a storm he may hear about a fallen tree and he will try and contact...

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Chopping Board Care

Caring for your oak chopping board/platter from Alex Brooks Furniture: Use it and enjoy it! Oak/Chestnut have tannins which give the wood it's colour, these will wash out over a few washes. Tannins can stain material. A food safe oil has been applied. Wash by hand or...

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