Organically Inspired Wood Furniture

Alex Brooks Furniture beautifully showcases the origins of wood through the natural patterns & unique textures of the material.

Come Inside...

Our tactile indoor furniture will contribute to the style & atmosphere of any room. We use responsibly sourced, hand-picked, windfallen wood from our own woodland & surrounding farmland.

A balanced blend of traditional & modern methods are used to capture the integrity of the wood without unnecessary alteration, resulting in forward-thinking authentic & organic designs.

Prices are indicative as each piece of furniture is bespoke.

Please contact us for a quote.

Alex has a great deal of experience working to brief on large scale projects -alongside designers and professionals.

Please contact Alex to discuss your project or if you require multiple pieces from any of our collections.


We use environmentally sensitive wood that presents distinct natural characteristics, so every piece of furniture is unique

Charred Oak Trunk

Spalted Beech Coffee Table

Spalted Beech Block


Our design concepts are turned into working pieces from our Dorset workshop…

…where we also produce many variations of the tactile and durable designs showcased in our portfolio.


Spalted Beech Block

Charred Cedar Mirror

Turkey Oak Block

Cedar Stool

Spalted Beech Block

Spalted Beech Block

“These blocks have been a simple yet stunning addition to our home and always attract praise from visitors. Nature has created the beautiful and mesmerising patterns and Alex Brooks Furniture has presented the fruits of her labour in an impressive and practical expose”

David Ogden

“The burnt wood mirror has completely transformed our sitting room – the black finish looks so modern but the texture of the charring and wood adds interest and detail. It’s attracted so many compliments and questions about where it’s from.”

Daisy Neville

“I bought one of the gorgeous cedar stools as a gift for my dad and we all love it. It is such a lovely simple design, expertly crafted from a beautiful piece of wood. The stool brings texture and nature into the home and also works brilliantly as occasional outdoor seating – I’m hoping to get one for myself!”

Anna Highet