Our Raw and Inlaid collections combine the organic appeal of the raw material with a contemporary form.

We beautifully present the natural patterns and textures…

Trunk Tables

Sculpture like in design, our substantial authentic Trunk tables have an organic figure.

By following the shape of the individual tree…

Alex Brooks Furniture | Organically Inspired Wood Furniture | Charred Cedar of Lebanon Mirror


Our sympathetically handcrafted wood frames and sizeable wood mirror frames display the innate textures and warmth present in the raw timber.

Handpicked and reclaimed wood from our own woodland…


A portfolio of one-off bespoke projects & homeware handcrafted from a variety of raw wood materials.

Contemporary and traditional organic wood furniture and decorative pieces for home life.

‘I want to buy a piece of furniture…’

Whether you are commissioning a dining table or a piece of furniture for your own home, require multiple contemporary pieces for retail or would like to buy directly from the collections we’d love to hear from you.

Alex has a great deal of experience working to brief on large scale projects – alongside designers and professionals.

Unique Wood Furniture From Dorset

From our Dorset workshop we design, make and supply bespoke wood furniture to commission as well as the contemporary pieces that make up the Collections in our Portfolio.

Each piece of our furniture is unique & our products are based on the windfallen wood available at the time.  All the wood is responsibly sourced from our own woodland and surrounding Dorset farmland.