'Harper' in Sweet Chestnut

Inlaid Block Tables showcasing the light warm colours of Sweet Chestnut - with specific features of growth rings, natural shakes, flecks and swirls

The Harper block tables are designed and made as usable and versatile feature pieces for living or commercial spaces.

  • Commissions allow for drawers, doors and/or shelves to be incorporated and the blocks can be produced at various sizes
  • Standard size: Length = 400mm / Width = 400mm / Height = 420mm
  • Every block table is supplied with either adjustable feet (for uneven floors) or castor wheels
  • Every block is hollow for ease of movement – a hidden benefit!
  • A hard-wearing varnish has been applied to top surfaces
  • Each item will be unique due to the natural tones and patterns in the wood grain
  • Turnaround, approx. 8-12 weeks – made to order
  • £395 – £495

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