Tree slice coffee tables

Taking slices across the tree trunk we capture the inimitable natural form and distinctive organic grain features of the tree to create bespoke rustic feature piece tree trunk slice coffee tables, side tables and occasional tables. Hand-made brushed steel leg frames follow the organic form while contrasting with the wood tones. Charred edges frame and enhance the natural organic detail.

Unlike most wooden furniture we celebrate the captivating end grain detail, which is beautiful to look at and extremely tactile, making these not just pieces of furniture, but pieces of natural art.

The growth rings show the history of the trees life. Charting historical events and personal dates. They also show the hardships of the trees existence, the stresses and strains of weathering over the years, shaping the tree trunk and grain features.

Foreign objects such as iron nails from decades ago can often be found within a tree, tarnishing the surface and dictating the growth of the tree.

I find it fascinating to think of all that the trees have witnessed under their boughs. Some of this history can be witnessed as mentioned above. Others researched,, for instance a tree along a historical route such as our ‘Fosse’ weathered oak collection, or a tree on a farm where a young grandfather would have played (The ‘Brooks’ burr oak table). And others can be purely imagined.

The metalwork leg frames are designed and hand-made by Alex using brushed steel.
A hard-wearing wax finish varnish is applied to make the tables completely practical in the modern home. Resin is used to fill imperfections, frame and enhance the grain features.


‘I want to buy a piece of furniture…’

Whether you are commissioning a dining table or a piece of furniture for your own home, require multiple contemporary pieces for retail or would like to buy directly from the collections we’d love to hear from you.

Alex has a great deal of experience working to brief on large scale projects – alongside designers and professionals.

Unique Wood Furniture From Dorset

From our Dorset workshop we design, make and supply bespoke wood furniture to commission as well as the contemporary pieces that make up the Collections in our Portfolio.

Each piece of our furniture is unique & our products are based on the windfallen wood available at the time.  All the wood is responsibly sourced from our own woodland and surrounding Dorset farmland.

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