Brooks burr oak tree trunk slice table

A gnarled old burr oak tree came down in a storm. The ravages of time have weathered the softer timber leaving the rock hard centre. You can see that the burr growth has given a symmetrical look to the slice. It has also caused the cat paw detail and features within the grain making this a stunning tree trunk slice coffee table top. The growth rings tell the life story of the tree.

The name was taken from our family as both the oak tree and grandad grew up on the same farm and I imagine he would have played under its boughs.

The metalwork is hand-made to follow the form down to the floor, with a brushed finish. Black resin has been used for structure and aesthetics. The edge has the ABF signature charred finish.

The Brooks table in Oak are centrepiece coffee tables ideal for living or commercial spaces.
• Sculpture like in design each table has an organic figure – framed with a charred edge
• All ironwork is hand-made by Alex Brooks Furniture
• A hard-wearing varnish has been applied to top surfaces
• Black resin is used for structure and aesthetics
• The size and shape of the tables is dictated by the tree it is sliced from. Approx size: Diameter = 700mm – 1000mm height = 420mm
• The name is our family name as my granddad lived on the farm where the tree grew.
• Turnaround, approx. 8-12 weeks – made to order
• £800-£1250 price depends on size and grain features.

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